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D. Scarbrough
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Member Since : 1/21/2006
Expertise Include:

My Education

BA in Personnel Management, BA in Social Work, MCSE in Computer Network Engineering

My Experience

Over 10 years experience as a reiki master teacher, over 7 years experience teaching reiki online, and 7 years experience teaching reiki in person. I have also mastered several variations of traditional Usui reiki.
Several years experience as a tarot reader for various spiritual groups in Columbus OH
Two years experience as a sound healer using Solfeggio tuning forks 
Have done workshops in Reiki, Spiritual Relationships, Mayan Calendar and 2012, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Affirmations 

My Awards

Reiki Master Teacher Certificate issued by Wanda Hunter-Shibles June 12, 2003
Renewed by Michael Frazier in 11/11/2007 

Sai Baba Reiki Master Certificate issued by Michael Frazier November 11, 2003

Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Master Certificate issued by Robin Paladino May 7, 2004

Certified Professional Hypnotist Certificate issued by Bill O'Connell July 7, 2004

Violet Flame Reiki Master Certificate issued by Kris Dietz February 16, 2006

Development and Administration of a Holistic Heath Care Practice Certificate by Linda Cleary, Universal Class Instructor, February 2006
Spiritual Counseling for Beginners at Universal Class, September 2006, Grade 97% 
Intuitive Tarot at Universal Class, November 2006, Grade 100%
Self Hypnosis Advanced Techniques at Universal Class, April 2007, Grade 97% 
How to View and Interpret Auras at Universal Class, March 2007, Grade 99% 
Energy Healing Class at Universal Class,  November 2007, Grade 99%


My Publications

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