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D. Kristan
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Expertise Include:
Dana Kristan has a BA in sociology and an MA in public policy and education. She also completed related coursework in special education covering the use of needs assessments and systematic instructional designs to match teaching practices and learning objectives with learner needs, a core component of the systematic instructional methodologies that dominate special education practice today. She also monitored the educational programs for adults with severe disabilities in New York City before joining Universal Class in managing, developing, and instructing online classes to better serve students' basic needs. Her passions include math, music, cultural studies, and history.

My Education

Holds B.A. in sociology and an M.A. in social science and education policy.

My Experience

Curriculum Developer, Coordinator, Editor, Writer and Instructor

  • Researched, developed, managed, authored, edited and instructed several courses on GED preparation, reading and writing skills, creative writing, grammar usage, mathematics, ESL and basic math
  • Researched, developed, managed, edited and co-authored course curriculum for remedial math skills, history, humanities, cultural studies
  • Developed course curriculum for how to take and how to teach online courses.

Unit Supervisor for Adult Day Services/ AHRC

  • Supervised the daily operations as well as service needs of the unit
  • Supervised the Community Resource Curriculum direction
  • Developed individual activity plans with staff to meet individual needs based on his/her ISP plan
  • Organized staff to meet service needs on a daily basis
  • Ensured that staff were documenting their actions
  • Promoted independence and community participation of consumers served through creative planning, effective use of staff management and professional teamwork.

Client Coordinator for Adult Day Services/ AHRC

  • Coordinated and monitored the implementation of all services contained in the person's ISP.
  • Monitored each student's progress and initiated reviews.
  • Acted as the individual's advocate and assisted the person with the development, implementation, review and revision of services received.
  • Student Teaching Assistant at P.79 Edward Horan School (1997)
  • Planned and taught lessons consistent with principles learned in education courses.
  • Participated in all the meetings and activities in which the cooperating teacher participates.


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